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Experimental platform for rats and mice production

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Experimental platform for rats and mice production:

Rats and mice purification -- rats and mice multiplication -- rats and mice species preservation -- rats and mice experiment -- speciespreservation/cryopreservation/spermpreservation/embryo preservation/in vivo preservation

(1)Through the method of embryo transfer, the virus, bacteria and parasites infected by mice were removed, and the microbial level of mice was purified to SPF level and above.
Service process: embryo collection → embryo cleaning → embryo transfer → baby mouse birth → microbial detection → purified animal delivery

(2)Rats and mice multiplication service
The experimental animal foster care facility built by Sinogenetic provides a barrier level feeding environment to ensure that your experimental animals get high welfare and high standards of feeding. The facility is equipped with veterinarians with many years of experience in multiplication, who customize different breeding strategies according to different strains to ensure adequate supply of laboratory animals on time.
Feeding standard can be customized according to requirements: clean grade, NATIONAL standard SPF or custom standard.

(3)Freezing preservation and multiplication service
Advantages of cryopreservation: lower cost than in vivo cryopreservation and avoid spontaneous phenotypic loss, to ensure that there will be no line loss caused by disease, reproduction stop, natural disaster, microbial infection, etc. High fertilization rate and recovery rate can satisfy the purpose of rapid propagation. 
Somatic cell preservation -- long-term preservation of cells through donor skin sampling, cell isolation, culture, cryopreservation and other procedures;
Germ cell preservation -- semen collection, evaluation, dilution, cryopreservation, breaking through time and space constraints;
Multiplication service: using mature IVF and IVM technology to multiply and expand breeding to meet experimental needs.